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Have you ever wanted to share the Gospel but didn’t know how or where? Maybe you have had the intention of telling someone about Jesus, but you just don’t have any clue when or where to do it.

Let me tell you, that’s ok! As we discuss this topic further, what I want you to do is give that frustration, of not knowing how or where to share the Gospel, to Jesus. Trust me, it’ll help you focus on what I am about to share.

This past week, we had our annual Church Camp. A couple days before our camp week started, the Children’s Director at my church asked me, my sister Madie, and one of my best friends, to share the Gospel with the 5th and 6th graders in the class she was teaching at camp.

Of course, we said yes! (Now you might be thinking, “Lilly, that’s crazy! Why in the world did you say yes?” I know it sounds crazy! But it’s what God calls all Christians to do.)

Before we shared the Gospel with the kids though, I always like to start with asking the question, “How can I pray for you?” I took three prayer requests and had different people pray for them.

One girl was in foster care and didn’t know if someone was ever going to adopt her. Another girl had been terribly abused and removed from her home. One boy was worried about his dad’s back and his health.

These were 5th and 6th graders, Y’all! Those are some heavy burdens these kids are carrying!

What truly amazed me though, was that the kid sitting next to them had no idea they were dealing with that. No clue.

It made me stop and think, how often do we sit next to someone whether it be in school, or a restaurant, and never offer to listen to what they are going through and pray for them. We have no clue, and they were right beside us.

Psalm 96:2-3 says, “Sing to the Lord; praise His name. Each day proclaim the good news that He saves. Publish His glorious deeds among the nations. Tell everyone about the amazing things He does.”

Jesus has entrusted us with a very important job! We are to proclaim that He saves every day!

We don’t have to think about good places to share the Gospel or speak of Jesus. Just do it with the people right beside you. God has put those people in your life so that you can pray for them and share Jesus with them!

Out of this class of 5th and 6th graders, two kids recommitted their lives to the Lord, and one gave her life to the Lord for the very first time!! Isn’t that amazing?!

David Jeremiah once said, “Share the Gospel. According to the Bible, it is every believer’s privilege and responsibility to share the Gospel. If we understand what lies ahead for those who do not know Christ, there will be sense of urgency in our witness.”

As Christians, we should have an urgency for the people who are beside us when we are going about our day.

Another really exciting thing, was that the next day (Thursday), we got to take a few of the kids out into the surrounding communities to share the Gospel. The kids in that class felt empowered and excited to share their faith after seeing the simple method and tools we use.

As we went out, my team saw a garage sale sign, so we walked up to the sale and two women were sitting in their garage. We asked them how we could pray for them, and the one woman said her daughter had just committed suicide earlier this year because of bullying.

It was a very special moment as we stood there and prayed for her. She had tears streaming down her face as we were wrapping up. Both of them were so thankful that we had stopped by, and said that they had been wondering where God was in the midst of this awful situation and now they knew He is with them!

Again, I thought, how many times do we go to garage sales or the grocery store and never know what the people around us are going through or dealing with. These women were right beside us. We would have never known about their struggle if we hadn’t asked them.  

If you are reading this and have no idea how to share the Gospel clearly, and you feel like it’s too hard, please send me a comment down below. I would love to share an amazing tool that makes sharing Jesus so easy!

God will use you, I promise! Just look beside you. I’m sure you’ll find somebody who needs Him!


= What do you think you need to do after reading this post?

= Who is beside you that you know needs Jesus? Are you going to share the Gospel with them?

= What stuck out to you after reading this?

3 thoughts on “LOOK BESIDE YOU

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  1. I definitely agree with this post. So often I do the exact same thing of not really thinking about the stuff other people go through but normally only focus on myself. This definitely was a great reminder to be thinking about the peopel around us and intentionally finding out their needs and really start praying for them.
    There are a few people around me that I know aren’t saved and I am definitely working on trying to tell them about Jesus.
    So, to go ahead and put this post into practice, how can I pray pray for you?

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  2. I feel I need to share more. I feel maybe there’s people I don’t share with that may need Him. There are a few girls at school I have tried to help. I’m not sure where one has gone over summer and the other started but then sort of fainted back into the world. I hope to see them in school a lot so I can talk again and catch up and help them in anything they’d struggled with this summer. We don’t always need something crazy amazing to happen when we talk to people but it never hurts to do so. What stood out to me was how crazy it was with the fifth and sixth graders. They all were real about it. It just blew me away. And that there were 3 people to come to Christ when they are sitting by their best friends and that can be very embarrassing. Many want to look cool in front of your friends and the fact that you are willing to come to Christ around them is just amazing!

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