Here are some comments and messages that we have recently received from some of “The Few” who are a part of this amazing community! God is at work in ways that we cannot even see! If you have a testimony of how God has used The Few to impact your life, please send an email to thefew.blog@gmail.com. We would love to hear your story!

Jamie said – “If you have the chance to check out The Few and be a part of their beautiful community, do it! It was most definitely God who had joined The Few and I together. It was not chance, it was not a mistake, but truly God. You see, being a born-again Christian, we are not promised the easiest life here in this temporary home of ours. Having Jesus may be the best decision of our life, with many blessings, but as believers, we must remember the teachings of Jesus. Sometimes people don’t talk about what should be talked about within the Church, yet The Few is different. I 100% know that God connected me to this community. From day one they have been nothing but welcoming, encouraging, loving, and more. Though I have never met The Few, they truly feel like family. We are together in Spirit, and it is evident. As we all probably have, I’ve experienced many ups and downs in my life. One of those low moments was/is lack of community and friends, even in the Body of Christ. However, The Few has never forsaken me and has continued to love as Christ commands us to. If you need the same in your life, please reach out to The Few. You will receive God’s Word through them, love through them, encouragement through them, wisdom through them, and so much more. Get serious about being serious for Jesus. Be one of The Few!”

Abby said – “There are so many different blog posts that I could talk about, but the one that has forever changed my life was the blog post #WORTH IT. That was one of the first posts I read. I had had a pretty eventful week leading up to the night I read this, and I wish I could tell you the whole story. However, it was one of those nights where you can’t sleep. I saw a business card for The Few that I had tucked away for later, and I decided to check out what this blog was all about. As I read this particular post, I noticed that it mentioned a girl I know. At first, I was just like “oh that’s cool, I know someone by that name” and continued reading the post. Now, this girl that Lilly mentioned in the blog post is very special to me. She and I bonded over our faith and that’s what made our relationship so special. However, I changed schools two years ago, almost three now, and if I’m being honest, I was drifting away from God. But just hearing how my dear friend was still being faithful really challenged me to reignite that fire that I once had for Him. Since reading this blog, I have started reading my Bible more often and praying every day. And through all of it, I have been able to realize the truth. At first, I thought I was going to go to Heaven if I continued to believe in God. But the truth is, you don’t go to Heaven just because you believe in God. You have to put your faith into action and let Jesus work in you and through you. That’s the message I have been trying to convey to the believers around me since I go to a school where mainly everyone is already a believer. Although it’s been a rough six months growing closer to God, I feel more connected to Him than ever before. I wasn’t really concerned if others made it to Heaven before now. Yeah, it was something important, but it wasn’t an urgent thing to me. Now it is.” Updated Testimony, January 2022 – “I first found this blog one sleepless night, and I know it was in the Lord’s timing. Ever since I found out about these girls and their ministry, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. Little did I know just where God would take that desire. The Few has forever changed the way I see Christianity and Jesus. Without their guidance, I can’t imagine where I’d be. I would be living a life of the lukewarm, still dead in my sin. Lilly and Madie aren’t afraid to speak the Truth. They have sparked such a passion in me that goes deeper than anything I’ve known, and I know that very same passion is living in them too. Their hearts are so genuine and caring, and I’m glad I can call them my dearest friends. I know that they are both always available to talk whenever I need it too. I have been so blessed by their family and ministry!”

Grace said – “Hi, my name is Grace, and I am 15 years old. I was introduced to The Few by my best friend. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have met Abby (my friend) because she has changed my life. Abby introduced me to The Few a couple of months ago, but I have to admit I was not that interested, mostly because I never went to church and I didn’t really grow up in a religious household. I had never even read the Bible and didn’t know how this world even came to be. Yet I still believe in God. I always have because I just thought it was the right thing to do, and if you don’t believe in God, what really is there to believe? I am grateful that she pushed me to watch The Few because they changed everything for me, and they changed everything for Abby. I could REALLY see the world for what it is. I reached a point in my life where I was just trying to figure out why God had put me here, what my purpose was, and what the meaning of my life was. What was I meant to do? I still do not know the answer to that question, but I feel like I am getting closer to knowing the answer. I have a feeling that God just wants me to spread kindness and be selfless and to let people know about The Few. I want to change lives like The Few has done. Mainly because I have seen so many Atheists in this world, including one of my other very close friends. He does not believe in God, and I am on a journey to prove to people that He is real. If people think that all of this Christianity stuff is just a joke, then what is the point of hope? What is the point of faith? Honestly, what is the point in living if you’re not living for the Lord? What is the point if you don’t even believe? That’s what I’m trying to answer for myself, and I’m on a journey to spread God’s Word. I want to ask people those same questions and see if they have an answer for themselves. I feel like my true purpose is to just remind people that living life is not for yourself, but for God. The Few has definitely made me realize that. So, thank you so much! I believe God is working through me to make other people SEE like I can. If you do not know what I mean by that, then may this be a time for you to go on a journey for yourself to be willing to see. Pray to the Lord for guidance and do not give up.”

Lacy said – “The Few has brought me many opportunities to experience new things. In the Bible Study group, we have gone on outreaches together, prayed together, gotten deep into the Word and so many more things. Before I met the group, I had never been on an outreach or prayed with strangers or in large groups before. Outreaches and praying around others helped me get out of my shell, and to be able to pray with and for others. It has opened my eyes to so many new things. I enjoy reading the blog posts and Instagram posts, it is always very encouraging throughout my day. My favorite Blog Post is 100% or 0%. Are you all in or all out? I love this post because most people think they can be half in and still have a good relationship with Christ, but you can’t be half in. You are all in or all out, nothing else.”

Annelise said – ‘’Just listened to your first podcast episode while working out, and I wanted to jump on here and tell you how proud I am of you girls. I LOVE that you are so passionate about the truth and God’s Word and that you’re not shying away from the hard things. To see and hear that in young girls gets me so excited because it means you’re in tune with Him and will reach people with the truth and not the fluff that we so often see. I love your maturity. If I didn’t know you guys were still teens I wouldn’t have guessed. You speak with authority, authenticity and with knowledge. I can hear you know Him personally and it’s beautiful and refreshing. I pray God blesses the podcast and your ministry, and like you said, your dream of wanting to do this for the rest of your life. So beautiful. I’ll listen to the other two soon. Keep going girls! You’re doing amazing stuff.’’ 

Katelynne said – “I love being a part of The Few’s Bible Study group. Over the past 2 years we have experienced so much together. We have been able to do so much, and it has been amazing to see what God has led us to do. One of my testimonies is how I have changed over the years. I’ve gotten to do so many things that were out of my comfort zone; that I had to be encouraged to do. However, once I did it, it felt amazing, and I know God is going to keep doing that. When the Bible Study group first started, I couldn’t even pray in front of anyone. Not even my best friend. I have grown so much, and in 2 years I am now praying with strangers on the street for God’s glory! I can’t thank The Few enough. Because of them, I am inspired to have an even deeper relationship with God!”

Angie said – “I listened to three of the podcast episodes last night. Episode three was so good! So awesome to hear and see how God is using you amazing girls to share His word with others. They are truly real. Hard to find that anywhere. What beautiful hearts they have that will be a blessing to many.”

Elayna said – “The Few has been an amazing addition to my life. When I joined the group, it was so nice to see that there were other girls/people out there who were truly trying to live it out, just like me. I loved that I could relate to them on so many levels, and that everything was so raw. It was real. Transparent. In this group, there was no holding back, even if the truth was disturbing. But with that also came recognition. I recognized and questioned some things about my faith that I hadn’t really thought about before, and from that lead to getting right with Jesus and knowing my identity in Christ. The Few and the girls in the group have made a huge impact on my life, and I’m sure that it will last throughout my walk with the Lord!”

Eli said – “I think the Few is awesome. I know that whenever I read one of their blog posts or watch a Facebook LIVE they did, I’m going to get real and raw truth straight from the Scripture and straight from God. The Few has taught me several things, and I have definitely felt the Holy Spirit more than once while reading their blog posts. I’m so excited to see what The Few does next and I know God will continue to favor and bless them in all that they do.”

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