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June 27th, 2019 will forever be one of my favorite memories. I had gotten up really early that morning because my dad and I were headed to a seminary for the day to take the students of a class out of the building to pray with people and share the Gospel.

I went out on a morning team and then came back to the seminary for lunch. During lunch, I got a text from one of my best friends, Isabelle, who is apart of The Few (our Bible Study group), and she asked me if it was ok to bring her cousin to our Bible study meeting that night.

She shared with me that she didn’t think that her cousin had given her life to the Lord, or even had any girls around her that would help her and encourage her to follow Jesus.

I said that she was more than welcome, and so that night she came to our Bible Study. We talked a little bit and got to know each other and then we walked her through the Gospel and we each told her how this “Jesus thing” has changed each of our lives personally.

You could sense that she was really listening and open, and that the Lord was moving in her heart. I asked her if she wanted to give her life to Jesus and turn from her sin and she said yes!

She prayed, and then we all prayed over her, and it was a very powerful experience! Over the past couple weeks, she has continued to come to our Bible Study nights, and she and Isabelle have been going through the book of John together every day! We have been meeting two times a week because we are all so excited that once a week isn’t enough!

We can’t wait to pray and worship, and study God’s Word together and just discuss and share the things that we are going though and dealing with. Her conversion has encouraged me in my faith, and she has taught me so much about what it’s truly supposed to look like when you are serious about living for Jesus.

I asked her what some of the things were that she has chosen to turn away from since giving her life to Jesus and this is what she said…

 “I have chosen to give up most of the music I typically would listen to, and I’ve started listening to more Christian music. I also chose to give up the way that I talk to people, which was definitely a great change. Not only do I talk about Jesus more often, but I also feel like I am more respectful with my words. Along with music, I also chose to give up some of the YouTubers that I would normally watch.”

How awesome is that?!?!

That just shows me that she is serious about this Jesus thing and I often think that as believers we take repentance and turning away from worldly things very lightly.

She has also asked so many great questions about forgiveness and how to look at others like Christ does, and she is genuinely applying these things to her life.

I tell you this because I truly believe that Jesus is worth it.

He is worth all of the hard work.

He is worth the scheduling conflicts and preparing studies and lessons.

He is worth EVERYTHING simply because He is God.

A.W. Tozer once said this, “Accepting Jesus Christ, receiving Jesus Christ into your life means that you have made an attachment to the person of Christ that is revolutionary in that it reverses the life and transforms it completely. It is an attachment to the person of Christ. It is complete in that it leaves no part of the life unaffected. It exempts no area of the life of the total man; his total being.”

Jesus leaves no part of our lives unaffected when we have actually made a choice to follow Him, even if it means that we have to give up everything.

So, my question to you is this… Is Jesus worth it to you?

Have you chosen to listen to God honoring music because you want to please God with what you listen to? Has He changed the way you look at people, and the way you talk to them?

Matthew 6:33 says, “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

If we are seeking Jesus above all else, then He will affect the shows we watch, and the way we talk, and everything in between. No part of our lives should be unaffected by Jesus!

It’s so worth it to follow Jesus and see others lives changed because of Jesus and what He did on the cross!

God is moving, get ready!

“Worthy are you, our Lord and our God, to receive glory and honor and power; for you created all things, and because of your will they existed, and were created.”    Revelation 4:11


= Would you be willing to drop everything if Jesus asked you right now without thinking about it?

= How has Jesus affected your life?

= Are you seeking Jesus first?

= What TV shows, music, activities, etc. do you need to give up or change to honor Jesus?

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  1. I really liked this post! I’m still working on the answer to the first question. I love Jesus like crazy but I have to step back a lot and look at my priorities and ask myself if I would do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING for Jesus and the sake of the gospel. For me personally that is a question I ask myself everyday.
    Jesus has affected my life a lot! I’m the kind of person some people might call weird or sheltered but I love it! I’m homeschooled, so all of my schooling revolve around Christ. I don’t do every sport under the sun. I almost spend more time at the Church I attend than anywhere else, (except for at home). Those are just a few ways Jesus has affected my life and I pray He wil continue to take me out of my comfort zone.
    On another note, I’m sooooo happy for you Nevada!!!!! That is the best decidion you will ever make in your life. I’m so happy you are apart of our Bible study group and I can’t wait to see even more things that the Lord will do through you!
    Love ya Girl!!!

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  2. About that first question… I think we all would jump right in and say yes right away. But think about it, would we? Last week at bible study our lesson we talked about no matter how scary it seems or how crazy it is you have to trust god. Think about being in a scary situation like we read about last week and having to drop everything even if it seems scary or crazy. I think eventually we would drop it all for him, but we still might hesitate some. Jesus has affected my life in so many ways. When I moved from my last church to the church I go to now, I was upset. I did not want to move, my old church was my favorite place. I did not like Pleasant View at first because I was so upset that I had to move. Then Lilly came along, and my bible study group. After a few weeks I realized this is why I got moved. I was moved to this church to meet these girls and be in this group. It was all part of god’s plan and at first I did not notice. I try my hardest to put God first, but just like any of us, we all fail sometimes. I think the world has gone totally out of control with the music, movies and other things out there today with so many foul words and nasty scenes. I do not have a problem letting go of those things. I do not want to listen to the foul words and look at the nasty scenes. There is music out there that is christian with better and more meaningful words that can be just as fun to listen to.

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  3. Thinking about it right now I would definitely think I would say “YES!” to dropping everything for Christ. But if it actually came to it… would I really. That’s the thing we can all say that we would but do we really mean it? Jesus has just made me “different” than many. I go to school and get called a Jesus Freak. At first I wasn’t very accepting of it but now I take it in. It’s a good thing that people see that through me. I feel like God is my go to in anything in life. My music is all Christian, tv shows are just the kid shows and movies are just like football and and animals and stuff like that, sports maybe. Not sure. For basketball last year I got us praying before games so I feel I honor God in sports. That’s one talent God has given me.


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