Mankind has continued to forge chains that bind us and weigh us down. We lack the power to free ourselves from them, and our only hope of being set free lies outside of ourselves. If we will but open our hearts and minds, we will certainly discover that the blessings of obedience to Jesus alone are utterly astounding.


The past is an interesting thing, isn’t it? It is a stained-glass window of divine, confusing paradoxes. It is a constant cycle of destruction. It is a constant cycle of redemption. It is a story of falling. It is a story of rising. It is terrifying. It is soothing. But most importantly, it is to be remembered.

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We could be an overwhelmingly dangerous force in the world and a completely victorious force in the spiritual realm if we would function in our God-given capacity. The enemy knows this, friends, and he has so very cleverly disarmed us by making us think that our occupations outside the home are more important, more valuable, than our influence within the home.


It’s so easy to fall into the trap of thinking that if the Lord would just give us more clarity, more answers, that our souls would be set at ease. However, what I have found to be true in my own life is that what I really need is more trust, not more clarity.


When we pray, we let the enemy know that we believe the Lord can help us. The Lord knows what’s on our hearts, but through prayer, we remind the Devil who’s really got the power.

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The problem is our unwillingness to die with Christ, and if we will not die with Him, we cannot be raised with Him. C. S. Lewis once said, “Die before you die. There is no chance after.”

What Happens If Kids Are Raised With A Biblical Worldview? – S3:EP50 Will children raised with a Biblical worldview actually have an influence on the Church, maintaining freedom, and future generations to come? In today's episode, we're contemplating an important fact that as homeschoolers, we find extremely fascinating. We're asking all the questions when it comes to the way in which children are raised, what Scripture... Continue Reading →


I have spent most of my life wondering where all the good leaders are. The sorts of leaders you read books and watch movies about, who rouse a complacent group of people into powerful action, who prompt brainwashed people to throw off the chains of their oppressors, who change entire generations of people. Where are the Aragorn’s, the Gandalf’s, the Atticus Finch’s, the Hank Busche’s, and the Marshall Hogan’s of the world? Can they really only be found in fiction? 

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Mary Magdalene and the other Mary, the same women who watched the crucifixion, are now sitting against the tomb, just as they had sat against the cross; still longing to express their love and devotion to Christ. Still, they were seeking after Him.


I know some of us still feel as if we are broken in a million pieces at His feet. We’re left wondering what’s next? How does this whole “Jesus thing” impact tomorrow, even? For just a second, I would like to focus our attention on one simple phrase that has done nothing less than change the world because it is secured in an undeniable fact. I just want you to know that this changed my life.


If Jesus has taught me anything, He has taught me that what is right is always worth believing in, and there is now no one else who will recognize that our belief in Him is infinitely more important than our belief in ourselves, whose perverted justice condemns what is holy and good. 


The battle is not over; perhaps, as in our Friday story, the cross is still to come. The light is overcoming the darkness. We just have to believe, have faith, and get back to looking for the truth we know, the truth we have been told. Restoration is real and possible when we repent and seek Him. Sunday is coming.


This man is mentioned in three of the four Gospel accounts. He is mentioned, not for his cruelty, or anything else relating to his profession, but for a miraculous transformation that happened immediately following the death of someone he crucified.


This fascinated me as I was considering the power and meaning of the scent of the perfume that would have lingered on Jesus throughout the Passion Week, letting everyone who smelled it know that He was King. If Mary wiped the perfume with her hair, surely she would have had the same fragrance clinging to her.


I share this with you because these sacrificial provisions taught the Israelites a very significant lesson, and one that greatly relates to us today: God can be approached with the blood of a worthy substitute, and He will always make a way for us to be with Him. No matter the cost.


You see, Jesus came to make siege. To find people who were either for or against Him. To find those who would charge the temple with Him or run for the hills. All the people in Jerusalem would have known the old stories and would have recognized that only a King in possession of a victory takes the temple. 


Can you just imagine the thoughts of the priests in the temple as Jesus throws over the money changing tables or the guards who arrest Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane? What about those who cast lots for his robe? Would they have caught a whiff of the perfume and got a sinking feeling, wondering who this man really was?


Suffering isn’t easy. Pain isn’t comfortable. Disappointment isn’t ideal. But it doesn’t mean that it can’t be beautiful. On this side of eternity, we have the chance to choose to worship through it all. In Heaven, tears will be wiped away, and our natural response will be to bow down and worship Him. What a privilege it is to be able to worship and choose Jesus when all we feel is disappointment.


My challenge for us today is this: do not succumb to blindness in a world which is predominately overtaken with it. Be the person who sits down with Scripture, who sits down with Jesus, and allow it to awaken your wonder anew. Allow it to shape you into a person who simply will not fit the mold of society, and who dares break the mold with their heroic courage in continuing the greatest Story ever told.  


Aslan doesn’t go on to explain why Digory’s mother is sick or what the purpose of it all is. Neither does he promise to heal her in that moment, but what He asks Digory to do is trust Him. He does not act as if he doesn’t care, in fact, Digory felt as if Aslan cared more about his mother than he did. And the truth is, Aslan did.


There are many quotes, which, over the years, have changed my way of thinking and challenged me spiritually. I must say that it has to be the most difficult thing in the world to choose a few favorites, let alone a single favorite! However, there are seven quotes regarding prayer that have changed my prayer life, and I am very much looking forward to sharing those with you today. Naturally, these quotes are by Leonard Ravenhill, A. W. Tozer, C. S. Lewis, as well as Charles Spurgeon.


The Lord has reminded me through Torrey’s wonderful old book that power and personal revival is attainable. Our lack of it, is because of our neglect of the tools and resources the Lord has provided for us.


For Jesus, it wasn’t about religion, it was about being obedient to His Father for the sake of winning souls and indwelling them with the same Spirit He had. After all, where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom (2 Corinthians 3:17). Are you getting this? The last thing Christians should be doing is living domesticated lives if we are indwelled with the same Spirit Jesus had and came to give us.


The story of Dunkirk has always inspired me, but I just recently discovered the power of this message that was sent. This message was so incredible because the army at Dunkirk was saying simply that they REFUSED to let the tyrant that was Adolf Hitler, force them into submission and worship of the diabolical group that was the Nazi’s. They pleaded for the British government to help rescue them, ‘But if Not’, they would fight, and they would go on fighting, until the destruction of every last soldier.


What I have found is that God uses those things in powerful ways to not only get in our way, but to show us a much better way. Don’t think that the Lord won’t wreck your plans before they wreck you.


We’re doing a something a little different today. Instead of a typical blog post like we publish every Thursday, we are going to share some behind-the-scenes of our personal lives, along with some cool memories/moments from 2022, and finally what the beginning of 2023 has been like for us personally, as well as The Few!

How The Public Education System Is Destroying The Soul Of America – 9,000 Download Special Do you know the history of standardized testing and why the public school system is still testing today? We have always been passionate about education and it's true purpose, and believe that Christians should be informed about what is taking place in the education system today. If we don't know the purpose of education,... Continue Reading →


When you believe the lie that living in a state of fear is “normal”, it gives you the perfect excuse to not do brave things. If the enemy can use the world to get us to react and live our lives in fear, then it’s almost a guarantee that we won’t do anything about the evil they are promoting because we are inward focused.

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So many of you loved last year’s post, Twenty-Two Things Christians Should Do In 2022, so much so that we have been itching to post another one for 2023! I love reading through a good list or “idea” type post and have found them to be very helpful when trying to be creatively intentional about living a deep and meaningful Christian life.


You see, Church happens in places like the Bailey’s living room, on Christmas Eve, with a multitude of people who have hardly anything to give, but they give it with such joy. Such love. Such surrender. 


Though today and tomorrow conclude Blogmas 2022, we know that the journey does not end. Preparing our hearts for Christ, surrendering all that we are to Him, and serving Him are all daily tasks we, as Christians, get to partake in!


To be truthful, I suppose I am a bit fearful of what 2023 may bring, and at the same time what it may not bring. I guess you could say I currently find myself “world weary”.


You ask; Scott, what are you saying I need to change? Why do you assume I have no room for change? In answer, I would say that I have no idea what you need to change. But you do; and it probably is that thing you thought of as you read that question.


Scrooge’s hard heart was beginning to soften through the power of hospitality. Through the reminder of how Mr. Fezziwig made work enjoyable, even if it was the same hard work Scrooge is doing now. He had the power, through his leadership and attitude, to make people feel welcome, comfortable, at home.


As Lucy explains to her older brother, Edmund, what she had encountered while in Narnia, she says something that intrigues me. She says, “It’s always winter, but never gets to Christmas.” 


The King has come! We celebrate this Christmas Day for that reason. No longer is our world grey and grim. No, it is now bursting with hope and joy because the Light has come into our darkness in the most powerful way. What an adventure this has been! Have a very Merry Christmas, y’all! We thank God for each and every one of you!


Though dragons have always been a part of our world, we know that the endings of dragons have also echoed through the pages of history. Let us remember that our Knight is no longer a babe in a manger, but is grown, into the Heavenly Warrior He was always meant to become, and His sword is now drawn.  


When you pause to give thanks for baby Jesus, remember to give thanks for our King doing battle with a dragon. And this year, when you place your manger scene on the mantle, look for the red dragon. He’s there in the hay.

Can’t Will Not Be Tolerated Blogmas Day Nine Reading Is the word "can't" a part of your vocabulary? I encourage you today, dear reader, to never partake in uttering the crippling word of “can’t,” but rather go on more boldly in your pursuit of Christ this Christmas Season.   LINKS... Find our Christian Resources Page HERE:  Listen and like our NEW Spotify Worship Playlist here:  Podbean Affiliate Link: Our... Continue Reading →


Scrooge examined his life, his heart, against God’s standard and found himself lacking. He knew that he could not change on his own but called on the Spirit to strive within him. You and I have a wonderful opportunity to ask the Holy Spirit to live within us this Christmas day and every day, friend!


I wonder how many Christmases Fred had invited his uncle over to join in the celebration and joy. I wonder if he ever found himself distraught over the fact that Scrooge would most likely refuse to accept the invitation, and then remembered the hope he had in Christ, the reason for Christmas, and began his trek to old Ebenezer Scrooge’s without a hint of hesitation.


You see, I believe that Scrooge’s story is so powerful because it can so closely relate to us and our present lives. I want you to think back over your life. Think about the past, about your innocence. Think about your present, the things you most want. Think about what your future may be, about whether your eternity will be dark as Scrooge’s was once bound to be.

If It’s All True Blogmas Day Eight Reading Maybe you share some similarities with doubting Thomas as well? You might be skeptical, a bit unsure of your faith. You may have more questions than you can count. Jesus has something for you. He can turn your skepticism into belief. LINKS... Find our Christian Resources Page HERE:  Listen and like our NEW Spotify Worship Playlist... Continue Reading →


Not many are crowned much of anything at birth, except maybe to be called first born, middle daughter, or maybe even an unexpected surprise!  Even in the families of royalty, children have to wait their turn to be called king or queen. Not Jesus.  He was Lord at birth.


Our Savior is one who desires every part of your heart, and mind, and speech, and yet we rob Him of the power to display Himself through these things around the people we may very well have the greatest influence over. 


And to what does it compare? To His suffering? To the pain He took on His back. That He took on His head. That He took in His hands. That He took in His feet. That He took in His side. That He took until His last breath was drawn. To what does it compare?

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This was the day that those colors of the current season were making their last fade. The new ones were officially settling in, brushing over what was, on an eight hour drive from central Texas to Hot Springs, Arkansas. This change would remind me that to love Him is to obey Him. No matter the cost.


This is what the American Church is saying today. We have the same desire to rule over ourselves and imitate the world around us. We are selfish, have turned away from God countless times, and worshiped false idols whenever we have had the chance. Just like He did with the Israelites, God will say to us, you get what you ask for. He will remove His mighty hand from us and allow us to suffer in our rebellion against His perfect plan.


God and I wrestled back and forth about whether or not I was to change jobs. The conflict was so great because a co-worker and I had started a Monday morning prayer group that eventually led to most of the employees attending. For some of them, this would be the only Jesus that they would get for the remainder of the week. So, it was important to me that I knew for sure that God wanted me to move on.


By doing what he said he couldn’t do, Trigger saved the rest of his crew, and their mission to capture the Enigma and bring it back to America was ultimately successful. I believe "can’t" is the most dangerous word that could ever come out of any of our mouths.

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Maybe you share some similarities with Thomas as well. You might be skeptical, a bit unsure of your faith. You may have more questions than you can count. Jesus has something for you. He can turn your skepticism into belief.


What I wanted to share with y’all on this very special day is that “Salvation to all that will is nigh.” Meaning, if you desire salvation, a personal relationship with Jesus, He is near to you at this very moment. All you have to do is reach out, call out for Him.


I ask you to please begin each day this holiday season alone in the presence of our heavenly Father. Focus on the Lord. Focus on His attributes, and His precious Word to you. Ask Him to open up your way as you journey through your day with the Prince of Peace beside you.

Attending Well To What Matters – Blogmas Day One Reading Is it your desire to make the most of this Christmas season? We are publishing new blog posts every day in December, and decided we'd like to read some for you here on the show! More Blogmas readings to come! LINKS... Find our Christian Resources Page HERE:  Listen and like our NEW Spotify Worship Playlist here: ... Continue Reading →


Did you catch it, friends? Not only did Aslan leap over the Table, representing death, but Lucy scrambled over it too! This is what our death-defying hero has done for you and for me. He has made a way for us to scramble over death and get to Him, never to be separated from God; to have everlasting life! Hallelujah and Amen!


Now, take courage, dear heart, for suffering is no longer meant to produce only misery. Because Christ has assumed human suffering, that means we can also be confident that He has healed and restored it to its most divine form.


The attending process begins when we sort through the things that distract us, and intentionally do away with them as best we can with Jesus’ help. We must make room in our hearts for the light when darkness attempts to fill it daily.


This is what has been rolling around of late in my, saved by a miracle, head.  Assuming we are ready for eternity because we have followed Jesus, He has saved us from our sin, and we have the confidence of Heaven; then there is a second question to ponder.  Are we ready to live like we have made that decision?  


Here's the bottom line.  For me, and I don’t know fully why just yet, Jesus lifted the trailer and pulled me out.  I walked away with minor injuries and still have trouble believing that I am alive.  Only He could have saved me; there is no explanation other than I am living proof our God still does miracles as He sees fit. 


Do not allow your quiet personality to hinder you from doing the powerful things the Lord calls you to. But go on boldly, more boldly, in making your mark for the Kingdom of Heaven. Allow God to do His best work in you, and hand your passions over to Him, so they may be used to their fullest extent. 


The Lord has used my father, and Atticus Finch, to teach me that just because what is right may often earn you the hatred of lesser men, and may cost you everything you hold dear, it does not make it any less valuable.  


In order to make people hate America, you have to make America hate-able. This is exactly what the Left does day in and day out. Why is this their aim? Because America was founded upon Biblical principles that have guided us for the last 230+ years. They know it is especially difficult to fight for a common cause when you don’t have a common identity.


You are powerful through the blood of Christ, dear Christian. But remember, that blood was not shed for you to sit back and do nothing. It was shed for you to overcome the principalities of this present darkness.  


With every day that passes, we are becoming what we will be. So, I ask you, what will you be in the end? What will it take for you to come to the realization that the central part of you, that is becoming either a heavenly creature or a hellish creature, is all you will be left with in eternity?


Instead of looking at the failure the tortured heroines and persecuted heroes had to suffer through as setbacks, he was taught to look at them as inevitable events which would ultimately bring about that radical, joyful victory of those same weary heroes. He learned to draw one line between Good and Evil, and not allow room for any sort of grey area. Greatest of all these, however, he learned the light always wins, even if it takes a little longer than we want it to.  


As much as I would like to pat Christians on the back and tell them it’s perfectly fine to retreat when the days are dark and evil, I can’t. We may be living in a post Roe America, and praise the Lord for it, but it is in large part due to the five Justice’s that didn’t go stick their heads in the sand and ignore this crucial, heartbreaking, unlawful issue.


He will take care of the restoration process, and just remember that when it hurts, He’s doing a new thing in you that won’t just make an impact in your life, but other’s lives as well.


Something the Lord has been convicting me of a lot lately is what I’m consuming my mind with. What I’m watching, reading, listening to, thinking about. Most of us want to ignore the way Jesus is really supposed to affect all these aspects of our lives, and we want to believe He’s only supposed to help us with the “big” things.

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