(Post by: Lilly Hobbs)

Happy Easter Sunday! What a glorious week this has been! My one remaining hope for us is that we would praise the Lord for all that He did for us upon the cross with every last bit of thankfulness and love that we now have, only because of what Jesus has done.

However, I know some of us still feel as if we are broken in a million pieces at His feet. We’re left wondering what’s next? How does this whole “Jesus thing” impact tomorrow, even?

For just a second, I would like to focus our attention on one simple phrase that has done nothing less than change the world because it is secured in an undeniable fact. I just want you to know that this changed my life.

We hear this phrase every time we receive communion… “This is His body, broken for you.”

His body… broken.

Read that phrase again, and simply let those words pierce your heart with the goodness and love of Christ.

We humans wrestle with God, but then God wrestles with death itself. Sarah Clarkson once said, “Jesus takes every evil act and scream of pain into the great strength of His heart, and instead of crushing it all and us with it, allows His own priceless self to be crushed.”

Though we live in a world which is, at present, subject to Satan, let us not forget to whom we ultimately belong. We belong to Jesus, the One who sent death back to the grave to die itself, once and for all.

God’s body: broken in and with the world that was meant to be His wonderous gift.

But at the cross, broken as a gift.

Friend, Jesus wants to enter your current state of brokenness, and by the sacrifice of Himself, He wants to completely transform it into the very place where we can tangibly experience His greatest love.

In the words of Samwise Gamgee, a courageous little hobbit from The Lord of the Rings, “Everything sad is coming untrue.”

Sarah Clarkson also once said, “What once was Christ’s broken body is one that invites every broken heart into a love so mighty even death itself turns backward within us to life.”

In His holy defeat, we finally overcome. His body, indeed, is the last broken thing.

Happy Easter!

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