(Post by: Lilly Hobbs)

Happy Thursday, y’all! It’s no secret that Thursday is my favorite day of the week, not only because we get to meet with our Bible Study group on Thursday evenings, but also because we get to contemplate spiritual truths with each of you here on the Blog every week!

Today, I am thrilled to be joining you here because I finally get to share with you the crazy, and kind of last-minute, decision Madie & I made last week…

Since Blogmas has become such a meaningful time for our family, and we have to wait until December to do it again, we decided that’s simply too far away, and we cannot wait that long. So, drumroll please!

Our family will be publishing new content every day during the upcoming Passion Week, from Palm Sunday (which is this Sunday) through Easter Sunday! A WHOLE WEEK of fresh ideas, powerful Scripture references and stories, and whatever else Jesus may put on our hearts!

Our goal in this is to be obedient to boldly proclaim the Gospel of Christ, in order that we may grow in our love and admiration of Him.

As each of us have been discussing our topic ideas, I am personally so expectant to see what the Lord does in each of our hearts during this week. I don’t want to refrain from sharing with you that I am also feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the things we have going on at the moment. So, if you’re feeling some of that same overwhelm, I want to personally invite you to join us as we attempt to quiet our hearts and focus solely on our Savior.

Jesus is worthy of our hearts, our souls, and our minds. May falling more in love with Him be our one and only priority!

The only thing we ask is that you help us get these posts out to the people that reside in your little corner of the world and that you are connected to. Share the links to any and every post that impacts you on your social media pages for others to read, and send them to your friends and family!

We pray you are blessed and encouraged by these posts! See you back here this Sunday!

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