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So many of you loved last year’s post, Twenty-Two Things Christians Should Do In 2022, so much so that we have been itching to post another one for 2023! I love reading through a good list or “idea” type post and have found them to be very helpful when trying to be creatively intentional about living a deep and meaningful Christian life. I am sure you have a running list going of things you would like to get better at or do more of going into 2023. Those things are great, but what about the things that actually matter? What about Jesus? Is He something you just fit into your schedule when it permits, or does everything else flow from your personal relationship with Him?

We get asked quite often how to practically get serious about living for Jesus, and I pray this list is one you can refer back to time and time again to help you do exactly that. 

Here are 23 things I believe Christians should do in 2023!

  • Read the Bible in a year. I know, I just jumped right in, didn’t I? I read the whole Bible last year, along with three of our friends/Bible Study members, and I can confidently say it was the most rewarding thing I have ever, ever done. Some days were challenging, and I had to put an end to the excuses I had been making for why I couldn’t spend time in the Word. However, I have now become disciplined and am passionate about being in the Lord’s presence daily. It’s the best part of my day! Here’s the plan I did:
  • Commit yourself (preferably every week) to meet with other Christians in a small group setting. After starting a teen girl Bible Study with my sister in 2018, I have come to realize how vital this is and how much it can help a Christian get serious about living this Jesus thing out, but also how few actually make time for it. So many view it as “optional”. I am convinced the small group model is what Christ intended for us to make the most of! It’s real Church. Please do not neglect this in 2023.
  • Take 23 minutes each day to simply listen to what God wants to speak to you. Maybe this time needs to happen in the morning after you study Scripture, or perhaps it’s on your lunch break, or right before you get ready to go to bed. Make it happen. Many of us spend much more than 23 minutes on our phones each day, just go look at your screen time report.
  • Imitate the men of Issachar (1 Chronicles 12:32) and put in the effort to understand the times. Scripture states they knew the “signs of the times”, as well as how to live in light of them. To know the signs of the times is much more than reading news headlines and knowing popular reel audios. In fact, it’s knowing what is significant about the happenings of our world. It’s knowing what is shaping us, forming us, and molding us. It’s wholeheartedly believing that we are alive in a time full of significance, positioned uniquely in the story of the world that God is writing as we progress day-by-day toward the final chapter.
  • Read “The Case for Christ” and “The Case for Faith” by Lee Strobel. I just recently read “The Case for Faith”, and I am undoubtedly better equipped to boldly share what I believe and why I believe it with others. He brings up topics and asks difficult questions I found myself wondering how in the world we should answer Biblically. Absolutely profound.
  • Unfollow people on social media who think too highly of the world and make you question if Jesus is worth everything. Just unfollow them. It isn’t worth it to waste time looking at what they say/post. It is influencing you and your heart more than you might think. What could you be doing with that time for the Kingdom instead?
  • Turn that radio over to a Christian station or better yet, listen to our worship playlist (click here) while you’re in the car, at work, or studying for that next quiz. Music greatly influences what we believe about the Lord, about ourselves, and our purpose here on earth, so it’s of upmost importance you listen to things that are uplifting and spiritually sound.
  • Ask someone how you can pray for them and then pray WITH them! How many times do we tell someone that we will be praying for them and completely forget to do so? Trust me, I’ve done it too. By praying for someone’s request with them, you let them know that they are loved and that their request or struggle is not trivial. If it matters to them, it matters to God, and it should matter to us as well.
  • Memorize a Scripture passage/chapter. When you experience a spiritual attack, how do you typically combat it? Do you give the Devil a mouthful of Scripture to chew on? Take Scripture to heart, know what it says, live it out minute-by-minute, and day-by-day this year.
  • Love and care for your family, friends, and those in your corner well. Be the problem solver, consistent provider, heartfelt homemaker, trustworthy friend, faithful leader, and most importantly, a strong prayer warrior. They need you.
  • Don’t give up on anyone. God can do anything, in anyone, at any time. No matter how disappointed or hurt you may be, don’t give up. Remain steadfast and patient despite what you feel. God has taught me some of the most crucial lessons when I wanted nothing more than to walk away.
  • Make your house a home. You don’t have to be a mom to do this, of course it does help. 😉 Cultivate a place where the presence of God dwells, and where people truly feel welcomed and at peace. Home was never meant to be a chaotic, stress-evoking, and completely overwhelming place. Your home should not be a reflection of the world, but instead of the goodness and beauty you have experienced through Christ.
  • Practice Church discernment. In a day and age where the American Church willingly bows down to the culture and worldly ideologies, we must choose to stand firm and question anything and everything. Just because a pastor or church leader claims that something is Biblical does not mean it actually is. Take the time to do your own research and stand firm when it comes to the truth of God’s Word.
  • Read “The American Story” by David and Tim Barton and learn the truth about America’s founding and incredible founders. In a world that seeks to degrade and humiliate America and her beautiful history, we must know what the fact of the matter is. If you are a young student, this is CRUCIAL. You will not be taught real history in school, so we must seek out the answers ourselves and be willing to respectfully share our findings with others. God wants us involved in politics, now more than ever.
  • Be consistently faithful. What I mean by that is this: Show up even when you don’t really have to. One of the greatest, most powerful ways we can love the people in our corner of the world is by proving ourselves to be consistently faithful. Presence is ministry. Do what needs to be done, be the person who can sit and listen, always choose people over productivity because if you do, you will be productive for the sake of the Kingdom.
  • Intentionally behold what is true, good, and beautiful. What you consume will always consume you. So, what are you consuming daily? What news network are you giving time to? How much time do you look at social media, and who are you following on those platforms? What books and TV shows are you reading/watching? You actively choose what influences you, and also what kind of influence you have on others.
  • Cultivate a character that is meek and humble. Noah Herrin once said, “It is impossible to enjoy a great God when you enjoy becoming great even more.” Pride is the root of all evil, and we are naturally prone to cultivate a prideful character instead of a humble one. Ask the Lord to strengthen you in this area and call you out when you need to resist your flesh.
  • Stay accountable. Y’all are probably so tired of hearing me harp again and again about accountability, but it is more than crucial in the life of a true Christian. We were never, ever meant to do life alone. We must ditch the idea that living life through our phones is going to get us somewhere. We desperately need to start embracing how God intended life to be lived: together.
  • Expect that God is going to move in miraculous ways. No matter where you are or who you are with, live each day with the expectancy that God is going to do something which only He can do! If you are willing to experience His presence despite how it might make you look to the outside world, He may just do something miraculous in you.
  • Pursue holiness every chance you get. Choices play a huge role in life, and ultimately what you choose will determine how much you progress spiritually. Allow yourself the necessary time to make clear and God-honoring decisions, and always seek out and be willing to listen to good counsel regarding your choices.
  • Devote a journal/notebook for prayer requests and praises. This is something I will be prioritizing this year, and I am looking forward to seeing how God uses it to strengthen my prayer life. Madie wrote an excellent blog post about just how much our prayers can make an impact in the spiritual realm. Check that out HERE.
  • Download our free, Christian Resources page HERE. This page was created for the Christian who wants to build upon a firm foundation. It covers some of the basic areas of life that should be impacted by the Lord if you want to intentionally live for Him. We have included things like books, accountability, podcasts, and movies, just to name a few. It’s also a great practical tool for brand new Believers and for those discipling others!
  • Keep the Sabbath. It is shocking how many people do not take a day each week to slow down and order their loves. What do I mean by that? I mean that most people no longer view Sunday as being a day where they rest in the Lord’s presence. Our only goal being to know Him and enjoy Him. Now, Sunday mornings aren’t free for most families because their kids have sports and extracurricular activities to participate in. Before starting college, I made it my goal to keep Sundays from being like any other weekday. No school, no work, no unnecessary activities. It’s the Lord’s Day, and we should keep it that way.

There! Twenty-Three things you should do in 2023. We are here cheering you on and look forward to growing together and spending every day doing what will ultimately impact eternity!

Comment below one of your personal goals or aspirations for 2023 and be sure to send this post to that person you thought of while reading it! Until next Thursday!


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