(Post by: Scott Hobbs)

Well, here we are again at the beginning of another year on the old calendar.  Such a great time as we remember the good times of this past year and look forward to the great things to come in 2023.

But Scott, what about all the bad things that happened?  Maybe you are thinking this was a terrible year, and your perspective is that nothing went right and you would like a do over.  Then I say maybe you need to realign your compass, or perspective, to the one and only true north.

I know.  Things happened that were totally out of your control.

I know.  Life just got really hard in finances, marriage, with your kids.

I know.  You feel stuck and depressed and had another year of no change.

I know.  Nobody understands, it’s everybody else’s fault.  You’re trying.

But have you asked yourself this question; why did these things happen to me this year?  Every year, it seems, for the past few?  Why does this same old mantra keep playing in my head every new year?  Last year was terrible; maybe this year will be better.

Could it be that you just keep shooting yourself in the foot and wondering why your foot hurts?  Why you walk with a limp?  Why sometimes you even end up with a walker or in a wheelchair?  Maybe it really is because you keep shooting yourself in the foot and still expecting to be able to run your marathon with no problems. 

Back to readjusting our perspective so we can stop the bleeding from our shot foot.

There is only one truth that offers the life perspective we want and need.  Jesus.

This should be our only resolution for this year:

Accept Jesus, follow Jesus, share Jesus. 

Well you say, that is just not enough.  You don’t understand my job, my limited time, my struggles.  You may be right.  I don’t know all your stuff; but Jesus does.  And the great thing is that He wants to be involved in everything, right down to the smallest detail.

If I told you that this year, I want to give you 10 simple steps to making a million dollars.  I’ll give you the instruction book to do it absolutely free.  All you have to do is come to my house and pick up the instructions, read them, and carry them out this year.  You would say, “Great!!!  I’ll be right over.”

But you won’t pick up your Bible, read it, and follow the instructions God has given you to live out your very best life.  Far better than a million dollars could ever be.  You won’t be intentional about putting yourself in places, with Godly people, that will help you grow and heal your shot up foot.

Or if you do read it, you think it’s crazy.  This stuff of love your neighbor.  Be careful with your money.  No sex before, or outside of, marriage.  Treat others as you want to be treated.  Work as though you are doing it for God no matter how miserable your boss is.  Spend time in rest and pondering God. 

This Jesus thing works.  It’s not crazy.  Maybe 2023 is your year to make Him the priority and allow Him to help you begin to heal your shot foot.

Or you can just reload and shoot at the other foot this year.  Just don’t say I didn’t tell you, and don’t blame God when you get to 2024 and the bleeding is worse.

Happy New Year!!!

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