(Post by: Scott Hobbs) Blogmas Day Seventeen

Lord at thy birth.  Really?  Like right out of the womb and Lord of all?  What???  That’s got my mind spinning tonight.  Can you imagine this Christmas deal and the significance of what that means?

Our crew (family) was sitting here tonight for a couple hours, on the couch with Lilly’s laptop and a speaker, watching Christmas song videos on YouTube. We were planning out our first Christmas Eve worship here in the Hobbs and Co. ministry center.  What a great time of worship and discussion we had.  Thank you Jesus for the blessing of time spent together and memories made!!

We were trying to find our favorite rendition of Silent Night; probably listened to a dozen.  HA!!  It was great.  Some of our favorite newer artists, some classic versions, and everything in between.

But this line, Jesus Lord at thy birth, just kept stirring in my soul.  Not many are crowned much of anything at birth, except maybe to be called first born, middle daughter, or maybe even an unexpected surprise!  Even in the families of royalty, children have to wait their turn to be called king or queen.

Not Jesus.  He was Lord at birth.  Lord of all creation, Lord of Heaven, Lord of Earth, Lord of all mankind, Lord of lords, and King of kings.  This makes the whole thing come together as something we can really grab hold of and claim as one of the core tenants of our faith.

As Luke relays the story to us in the beginning of his gospel, the angel Gabriel tells each of his charges that Jesus is Lord already.  He tells Zechariah that his soon to come son, John (the Baptist), will go on before the Lord (Jesus).  He tells Mary that Jesus will be called great and will be called the Son of the Most High.  Elizabeth asks Mary why she (Elizabeth) was so blessed as to have the mother of her Lord (Jesus) come to visit her.

You see this is the true miracle we have to get a hold of if we are to really recognize Jesus as Lord in our own lives.  He didn’t do anything to get the position of Lord.  He really was fully God, fully man, from the very moment of birth. This was God come down to be with His creation, man.  Jesus was part of this great Holy Trinity from the beginning.  He didn’t just become Lord when he was born, or when his ministry began at about age 30, or when he surrendered his earthly life on the cross for our sins. 

He has been Lord since the very beginning of time.

This is exactly why so many today want to distract us from, and cancel in any way possible, the real meaning of Christmas.  Because if this thing is real, if Jesus really is God come to earth, born of a virgin, Lord since the beginning of time; then those trying to ignore His Lordship have some explaining to do.  They might even need to acknowledge their sin and turn from their wicked ways.  That would be hard and maybe even a little scary for those trying to cancel Him and live their own way.

Jesus, Lord at thy birth.  Absolutely.  Will you believe it completely and act like it this Christmas?  I say yes and Amen.  Let’s go all in with this Jesus, Christmas, born to save us from our sin, miracle. 

He was Lord from the beginning, at His birth when He came to earth as man, while He died for us on the cross, and when He was resurrected and ascended to Heaven. Will you believe?

Merry Christmas.  Thank you, Lord Jesus.

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