(Post by: Madie Hobbs)

Earlier this year, I read a book by C.S. Lewis called, “The Screwtape Letters.” This book was one of his most popular works of literature, and I can see why. I enjoyed every minute that I spent reading this book and it really opened my eyes to lots of new spiritual truths! (If you have never read it, I recommend it to everyone)

Ok, so here is a little synopsis of the book for those of you have not read it before…

The book is a book of letters between two demons. Screwtape, is the Uncle of the second demon, Wormwood, who is a “demon in training.” Screwtape is writing letters to Wormwood giving him pointers on how to win the person that he is possessing over to their side. So, it is a constant battle between them and the Lord regarding who is going to win the “Patient” over to their side.

With all that said, I want to get right into a quote from the book that rings with truth.

“My dear Wormwood,

The real trouble with the set your patient is living in is that it is merely Christian. They all have individual interests, of course, but the bond remains mere Christianity. What we want, if men become Christians at all, is to keep them in the state of mind I call ‘Christianity And’. You know – Christianity and the Crisis, Christianity and the New Psychology, Christianity and the New Order, Christianity and Faith Healing, Christianity and Physical Research, Christianity and Vegetarianism, Christianity and Spelling Reform. If they must be Christians let them at least be Christians with a difference. Substitute for the faith itself some Fashion with a Christian coloring. Work on their horror of the Same Old Thing.”  ~C.S. Lewis

So, let us ask ourselves, are we merely Christian? Do we simply put a little Christian coloring on our lives?

This is something, that in the past couple years especially, I have noticed the Church doing. This is what The Few is about. We need to be the Few who do not just have a little bit of Christian coloring on the outside.

Now I want you to ask yourself, what is it that you have added on to Christianity? Is it sports, work, entertainment, relationships, money, etc.? This is something that every single one of us has done, so we should all have an example in our minds. Our world is constantly telling us that we need more and more stuff to make us happy, and most of the time we tend to fall into that narrative. But what I want to know is, do you think that you could only live with Jesus, and have nothing else? Would you still be content with your life?

The truth is most of us would not be.

I really love the way that C.S. Lewis conveys this point in his book. If I am being honest with myself, I believe that I have been guilty of adding other stuff on to Jesus in order to be “happy”. But that is not true happiness. True happiness lies at the feet of Jesus and nowhere else! Church, when are we going to wake up and see the madness that we have fallen into? Because that is what it really is, complete and utter madness!

I really don’t know why we all feel this way. I do not have all the answers. But I do know that this is a lie straight from the devil’s mouth. Jesus tells us in Luke 10 that only one thing is needful. Only one. And indeed, that one thing we need, is to fall at the feet of Jesus and find true joy and contentment.

“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give you. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” ~John 14:27

Church, we do not need “Christianity And”. Only one thing is needful. So, come and lay down the “Fashion of Christian coloring” at the cross and be made whole, so that we may experience true happiness and joy.

We have got to get past the lie that we have been taught, that we need all these other things, with a little Jesus on top.

We just need Jesus.

Now, I want you to think of the things that you have added on to Jesus like we did earlier, and I want you to think of ways that you can set those things aside, and be content with just Jesus.

Throw off the Christian coloring and be stained with the blood of Jesus.


= What is something that has gotten in the way of your relationship with Jesus?

= How are you going to change that?

= What are you going to do differently?

5 thoughts on “CHRISTIANITY AND…

  1. Lemoncake11 says:

    Wonderful Madie! You are so right, the devil will try any way that he can to wiggle into your life through the back door. I absolutely loved reading “The Screwtape Letters” by C.S. Lewis when Madie recommended it to me. My favorite quote from the book comes from Screwtape- “Prosperity knits a man to the world. He feels as if he is finding his place in it, when really, it is finding a place in him.” This doesn’t necessarily mean “prosperity” but it is rather pointed to self glory and love of this world. So, I know that this may sound weird, but don’t try to find your place in the world. Jesus already has a set plan in your life, you don’t have to find it, only receive it. 😉🙌🏻 🌎

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  2. Katelynne Michael says:

    Great job on this Madie! You are so right we always add stuff to Jesus. I personally have found myself doing that and reading this is only making me realize more just how much I have missed because of sports or other activities. It is like I want to make my parents happy or something or to even impress them. When really I need to be doing what really makes me happy which is Jesus. The only person in the world that I need to impress is God. And I think a lot of people need to work on making Jesus or number one priority, including me.

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  3. Sky says:

    Great post☺️
    I feel it goes along with how I have been feeling lately. You are right, nothing can truly satisfy us like Jesus Christ. He is sufficient! And we should give ourselves this daily reminder. If we start our days with that, with Him, He will do the rest! Lastly, the reason why I said that it goes along with how I’ve been feeling, is the fact that I’ve wanted nothing but to concentrate on God. I’ve wanted to just be able to set aside EVERYTHING and just spend the entire day, or even the week, with just Him. & this world can make it extremely hard for us to be able to do just that.

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