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I feel like we’re all confused. No one has any idea how to react or what words to say anymore. To be honest, I feel that most everything has already been said; it’s just that no one applies what’s been said to their life.

We’re living in a time where the enemy AND the world want nothing more than to confuse us and make us unsure of our basic and fundamental beliefs.

The things that we should never have to question because they are truth, absolute truth.

I want to make this basic for you today. Jesus doesn’t want the Gospel to be complicated or confusing. He’s basic so that everyone can understand and find His grace and love.

He’s the complete opposite of what we are seeing in our world.

Now, I’d like to share with you a quote by Charles Spurgeon that I believe explains the root of the problem and why there’s confusion and conflict among Christians in particular. It says, ‘’If you profess to be a Christian, yet find full satisfaction in worldly pleasures and pursuits, your profession is false.”

The problem with “professing” Christians is that they are false and do not know basic truth. What’s worse is that the majority of them end up affecting the Church as a whole as they start to bring a sense of worldliness in with them.  

As much as I hate to say it, I think that describes a lot of “Christians” today.

A lot of us want the world AND Jesus. We want to be involved in all of our worldly pursuits, such as sports, entertainment, extracurricular activities, etc., then still do Jesus, if we can squeeze Him in, on the days we are free.

Listen, I’m just going to be truthful with you here, that doesn’t work. If you still find satisfaction in the pursuit of worldly pleasures, you’re fake.

Please hear me y’all, I say all of this in complete love. I’m just desperate for you to know, that this “Jesus thing” and living it out in the midst of hatred and evil does not have to be confusing.

If people would only open their eyes and see for themselves the basic stuff the enemy and the world is trying to make them unsure of, I’m confident that it would make us sick to even think about participating in and doing all of the things we are right now.

Because that’s the way the enemy drags you into believing his lies. The execution of his plan may vary a little from person to person and from time to time, but his basic scheme is always the same. The enemy’s only play is planting doubt in what is the absolute truth.

Listen carefully, he will always have you asking yourself, “Did God really say…?”

This was his tactic from the very beginning with Eve in the garden (Gen. 3:1). It is the same tactic he uses on you today.

Our only defense is to know the Word and the heart of God with certainty. Jesus laid out the battle plan in Matthew 4:4-6, when He was tempted by the devil. Jesus always replied with, “It is written…”. You MUST know the Word, friends. It is our complete and perfect defense.

Rest assured that the enemy is trying to work in the midst of the confusion and sin that we are experiencing right now. However, if you know the one basic thing that matters, which is Jesus, then He will give you the victory to overcome all of that.

Jesus is my essential foundation. He is what I want to start with and what I want to end with. I choose to live basic.

“I’m not afraid of the devil. The devil can handle me—he’s got judo moves I’ve never heard of. But he can’t handle the One to whom I’m joined; he can’t handle the One to whom I’m united; he can’t handle the One whose nature dwells in me.” -A.W. Tozer


= Do you find satisfaction in worldly pleasures and pursuits?

= Is Jesus your essential foundation in life?

= What are you going to do differently?

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  1. This is so good Lilly! I definitely agree. We need to go back to the basics more often in every aspect of our lives, especially the gospel. This moved me in so many different ways.

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