(Post by: Lilly Hobbs)

I recently had a conversation with someone about whether or not there will be entertainment, food, or other kinds of things we have here on Earth, in Heaven. The person that I was talking to said he thought there would probably be some different forms of fun and entertainment in Heaven, since God is not boring.

As we discussed this topic further, he asked what I thought about entertainment in Heaven. Almost immediately, the Lord reminded me of John 15:11 which says, “I have told you these things so that my joy may be in you and your joy may be complete.”

Now, I want you to get what Jesus means by this. This particular verse, (John 15:11) comes right after the story about the vine and its branches, the good fruit and the bad fruit. In this illustration of the vine and the branches, God basically gives us the command to “remain” in Him, and whoever doesn’t will be thrown aside to wither (see John 15:6).

The point that I am trying to make here is that Jesus should be all we need. Our joy is complete when we remain in Him.

We shouldn’t need the games, the merchandise, or the pizza to be happy or fulfilled. Now, these things aren’t necessarily bad, and I think Jesus does want us to enjoy life. I, myself, love a good chai tea latte from time to time. But we must learn that our contentment in Jesus is enough and always will be.

Leonard Ravenhill once said this, “Entertainment is the devil’s substitute for joy. The more joy you have in the Lord, the less entertainment you will need.”   

Y’all, I believe that entertainment specifically is one of the main reasons people are missing church a lot more than they used to. I believe this is why we are running all over the place all the time. It’s the reason we don’t have peace, and the list could go on and on.  

Let’s face the facts: The enemy has tricked and fooled us so well in the area of entertainment, that he’s gotten us so far from Jesus in the process.

Guess what? It’s our fault! We have shot ourselves in the foot here. But the crazy thing is, we wonder why it hurts. We complain about not feeling close to Jesus, but we are the ones who sign our names on every activity list and are never available to spend time with Him.

Yet, Jesus gives us the simple answer in John 15:11 to fix all of the issues I just listed. He tells us that He is all we need in life. Our joy is made complete when we remain in Him.

So, to make it plain, I really don’t know if there will be entertainment in Heaven. I don’t. But what I do know is that Jesus will be there. Maybe we should focus on the one thing we know will be in Heaven?


Post about Him. Talk about Him. Share about Him with the people you know. Remain in Him. He is your source of life.

“You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.” {Isaiah 26:3}


= How did you relate with this post?

= Do you find it hard to “remain” in Jesus?

=What are you going to do differently?


Add yours

  1. I love this post! Let´s get real here! I honestly put my name on those signup sheets for what satan calls ¨entertainment¨. When I do I am making a commitment to something that has nothing to do with Jesus I struggle weather I should or not. Yet I do most of the time. When really I need to be focusing on Jesus.
    I believe that we don´t need ¨Entertainment¨ to live as a Christian we need Joy in God because when we start living it out for Jesus we will forget about the ¨Entertainment¨ and will be focused on Joy in Jesus. The only thing we have to worry about what is in heaven is God. Because then we will realize that we will be living it out each and every day.
    I think everyone from time to time struggles to remain in Jesus, some more than others. But honestly, I know I am not doing the best and I see that I am struggling because I am trying to do everything myself when I need to be letting God in all the way. I see my day not being exciting and dragging on for what seems to be forever when I need to be able to look back on every single day and know that I was living for Jesus all the way.

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    1. Kate, I’m so glad that the Lord is working on your heart in this area. You made some really good points on how we all can do better and allow Jesus to become #1 in every single way. I’m so very thankful God is willing to work on us and that we can share that with others! 😉

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  2. I think it can be very hard to always keep our attention on Jesus 24/7 because we always want to be with our friends, fitting in, and doing what everyone else is doing. This can definitely be bad for us because we need to understand that we don’t need to fit in, we need to stick out and spend time with Jesus instead of being other places trying to fit in with our friends.

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    1. Lacy, you are so right everyone wants to hang out with friends but we need to realize that Jesus is more import all the time. We really need to stick out of the crowd and lead the crowd to Jesus instead!

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    2. I couldn’t have said it any better Lacy! We definitely need to check what our priorities are, and if Jesus isn’t first, then we need to be smart enough to change things. While spending time with friends and wanting to “fit in” aren’t bad things, they shouldn’t be our main focus in life. 🤩

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  3. If we awoke up every day and our minds were focused on Christ , our life would be so much better . Instead of worrying about what’s going to happen in heaven we need to worry about what we are going to do here on earth .
    Just like you said Lilly, ” Jesus should be enough ” After all He is the reason we even have the hope to even thing about a heaven. Having entertainment isn’t bad but if our life was just focused on that , then that’s when it becomes an idol and we need to exam our life and see were we are in our relationship with Christ .Even churches and youth groups do that . they have pizza nights and game nights just to get kids to go to their programs . But they are not focused on the message . The number of people that show up to church or the number of kids that show up to youth , the churches have made that their idol . We need to pay attention to what we are chasing after . If it is coming before Christ then we need to step back and run back to Christ.

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    1. Marian,
      I think you are exactly right. It’s just like what we talked about last night, nothing will ever matter unless we give people the Gospel and point them straight to Jesus. It would be so amazing if we all decided to make Jesus our idol. He alone is the only thing we should prioritize and base our lives upon.
      I love hearing your thoughts girl! 🙂

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