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Does it sometimes seem like you’re just having a really boring week? A week where it seems mundane and dull? I think we can all feel like that sometimes. However, as Christians, I think that we may not be living how Jesus wants us to live if we are always bored and feel like we are just living out our “normal” routine.

Did you know that there is actually a man in the Bible who felt like we do sometimes? His name is Abram (later known as Abraham), and God had to teach him a very important lesson that still applies to us today.

Genesis 15:5-6 says, “He (God) took him (Abram) outside and said, “Look up at the heavens and count the stars – if indeed you can count them.” Then He said to him, “So shall your offspring be.”

Did you catch what the beginning of that verse said? It said that God took Abram outside. Why? Why did it matter if he was inside or outside of the tent?

God knew that He needed to get Abram out of his normal daily routine. God knew that Abram was not going to see the big picture if he was comfortable where he was at. Because what God had planned for him was going to require him to be uncomfortable and step out of his normal day to day kind of thing.

However, God required Abram’s time. What a lot of Christians don’t get today is that God requires OUR time as well. It frustrates me deeply when people say that they are too busy to come to Church, or Bible Study, or just to serve Jesus in general. It frustrates me because people would rather do their other stuff instead of serve Jesus and give Him everything they’ve got.

Well aren’t you glad Jesus isn’t too busy for you? Are you grateful that Jesus wouldn’t rather do something else instead of spending time with you and helping you?

It’s about time that Christians start thinking that way.

A.W. Tozer once said, “The man who would truly know God must give time to Him.”

If we really want to know God and get serious about Him, one of the biggest things we can do is to give Him our time.

We have to start getting out of our tent! Most of the time it’s a tent that we have created ourselves. We make it cozy and comfortable just the way we like it, and then we wonder why God isn’t using us.

However, we must understand that God does the big stuff outside of the tent!

I’m going to share with you a personal story of when God took me out of my tent and then what happened…

I was out on an outreach team in Dayton, Ohio praying for people and sharing the gospel with them. We weren’t having a very successful morning. Not many people were out that we could talk to and a lot of the businesses had not opened yet.

So, we ended up at a Kroger grocery store, and we walked around a little bit, but nothing really happened. When we walked outside Kroger there was this young lady leaning against the wall, and she happened to be an employee. As soon as I saw her, I knew God wanted me to go over and ask her how I could pray for her. However, I didn’t want to! I was scared and uncomfortable.

No joke, my heart was racing, but I knew I just needed to do it.

I walked up to her and introduced myself, told her that I knew it is crazy, but I wondered how I could pray for her. As soon as I asked her how I could pray for her, she started to bawl. Almost ugly cry if you know what I mean.

She told me that she had just had a miscarriage the day before, but she didn’t know that she was pregnant prior to the miscarriage. She said that she had come to work because she wanted to keep her mind off of it, but her boss was sending her home to rest, and she was waiting on someone to pick her up.

After she explained all of this, we stood there, and I prayed over her. When we got done praying, she let me walk her through the gospel, and we just stood there and talked.

It’s crazy that God could use me in such an incredible way outside of my comfort zone! I didn’t want to walk up to her and ask how I could pray, but because God prompted me to, this girl heard the gospel and was prayed over.

See what I mean?

God uses the mundane and ordinary people to further His kingdom! You don’t need to be a pastor or write books to be seen and used by God. You just have to give Him your time and be willing to get outside of your tent!


~ Do you feel like you have allowed yourself to stay in the tent where it’s comfortable? Why or why not?

~ What are your thoughts after reading this post? Do you think that it could help you and your everyday life?

~ Would you share the gospel with someone if God wanted you to?

8 thoughts on “GET OUT OF YOUR TENT!

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  1. I loved reading this! I often stay in my tent because, of course it is comfortable. I do not step out to see what good things could happen to my life. I think it is very easy for many people to stay in their tent because they are comfortable or maybe scared to go outside their comfort zone. I try my hardest when I feel I am being called to share the word but it can also be easy for us to ignore it and be selfish because we are scared.

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    1. Lacy,
      Awesome comment! I totally agree with you that we tend to stay in our tent because it’s comfortable. I know that it is so very easy to stay in your tent because of others opinions and thoughts as well. But remember that sometimes we just have to let down our guard and trust God when He is working on us and calling us outside! 🙂 As Christians, we can train ourselves to be comfortable, being uncomfortable.

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  2. I feel like I do both. I stay in my tent because I’m cozy and that’s where I like it. It’s easy to go with things and stay safe and not have to worry about other things. But I feel I also go out because like during outreaches I’ll pray and talk to strangers which is uncomfortable but it’s worth it. I get to see rewards from it. During softball or any sports I do, I talk about my religion which is kinda weird but I’m proud of who I am and how much I respect what God has done for me. After reading this post I feel I could definitely get out a little more. I still feel as if I take the easy way out too much instead of taking God’a way. If God led me to it, I would definitely share the gospel with others. He has had me do it already many other times so I feel good about it. The feeling you get when people want to hear it is AWESOME!!!

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    1. Isabelle,
      I loved how you mentioned that there are rewards when you do what God calls you to. Even though it may not be easy. That is spot on! We have to remember that the big things happen when we have given up our control over what we do and hand it off to Jesus! It is totally worth it to surrender to our Creator! Great thought!

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  3. I personally love to stay in the tent but when God gives me the chance I will totally step out, just a couple weeks ago I was offered to perform in front of my school for a talent show. I was so scared but I went for it and loved it was so much fun.
    When I was reading this I thought of what God does to get us out of our comfort zone, hint he will do everything. I love that when he is telling us to do something crazy and we do it something ALWAYS comes out of it good or bad but mostly good. I think that reading this will help for a lot of things that my come in the future.
    I would totally go share the gospel with people, but I always have some sort of problem like my parents wouldn’t let me go or something like that I get so annoyed by it. Especially if is something that God is really telling me to do but I was to scared to stand up to my parents. God always has something big for us in the future but in the mists of it we should be sharing his word physically or even over the internet.
    I love this blog because it is showing us how often we stay in our tent locked up when we should be getting out of our comfort zone!!!

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    1. Kate,
      Amazing thoughts! I like how you included in your comment that we should be sharing the gospel in whatever ways we can! Jesus wants us to make His name known to everyone, and we should be doing that every chance we get, and on a daily basis. Remember to keep making Jesus #1 girl!

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  4. I feel like most times I stay in my tent because I am shy and don’t really like talking to people I don’t know. But then sometimes when I am on outreaches and things and have other believers and friends doing it with me I feel much more confident about my faith. I think this post can help a lot in our everyday lives, and be a very good reminder to go where God leads and never look back or hesitate. I would definitley try to share the gospel with someone if I felt God was telling me to. Because when I look at the grand scheme of things I realize that people are going to Hell and I should be brave enough to at least pray with them. It might be that they are a fellow believer and just need some encouragement in their faith or the person that we get to share with could be really hurting inside and longing for something to fill a void in their lives. We all know that what they are searching earnestly for is Jesus and we can give them Jesus. So I personally am going to try to keep this post and everything I just said in my mind and heart everyday and be looking for the ways God wants to use me.

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