Scrooge’s hard heart was beginning to soften through the power of hospitality. Through the reminder of how Mr. Fezziwig made work enjoyable, even if it was the same hard work Scrooge is doing now. He had the power, through his leadership and attitude, to make people feel welcome, comfortable, at home.


Scrooge examined his life, his heart, against God’s standard and found himself lacking. He knew that he could not change on his own but called on the Spirit to strive within him. You and I have a wonderful opportunity to ask the Holy Spirit to live within us this Christmas day and every day, friend!


I wonder how many Christmases Fred had invited his uncle over to join in the celebration and joy. I wonder if he ever found himself distraught over the fact that Scrooge would most likely refuse to accept the invitation, and then remembered the hope he had in Christ, the reason for Christmas, and began his trek to old Ebenezer Scrooge’s without a hint of hesitation.

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