My family

My Family…

My dad, Scott, is a missionary with one of his friends Matt, and together they have a ministry called Spirit & Truth. Spirit & Truth teaches everyday Christians how to share their faith in Jesus with anyone! So, as a family, we have traveled all over the states praying with random strangers and showing them Jesus’ love! Now, I know what you are probably thinking, “That’s nuts! I would never do that!”, well I’m here to tell you, yes you can! Anyone who believes in Jesus should be sharing their faith with others. I would encourage you to go and check out Spirit & Truth’s website which is, if you are interested in learning more.

My mom, Michelle, is a Nurse Practitioner with Hospice and knows literally everything! However, we are a homeschooled family, so her “full time job” is to teach us. My mom LOVES books! We actually have our own library at our house which is really amazing for school. We probably have every Christian book that has ever been printed lol! She is also the one helping me get this whole blog thing started! As I mentioned she loves to read, but she is also an amazing writer, so get ready for some amazing blogs from her!

Then I have two sibling’s, Madie and Lincoln.

My sister, Madie, is currently 13 years old and is really addicted to the Lord of the Rings. She gets a little too attached if you know what I mean.😊 She can quote like any part of the movies to you. Anyway, Madie and I have a babysitting business together called the Sister Sitters. We have learned so much through babysitting, and have done a lot of special needs babysitting with one of the families in our church. We practically do everything together. Madie also loves photography so she is learning a ton about that and plans on that  being her career in the future. She is also part of The Few and helps me with all the details and things while we meet!

My brother, Lincoln, is currently 10 years old and ends up being the center of attention wherever we travel with our missionary stuff, don’t ask me how because I really don’t know lol! No joke, people will just walk up to me and Madie and ask if we are Lincoln’s sisters! So, Madie and I are currently working on a plan that might change that. I’m just kidding lol!

 Lincoln wants to do something with the military when he get’s older, and my mom is trying to convince him to be an FBI agent so we’ll see if that’s what he chooses!

I could tell y’all so much more, but I’m sure that you will get to know more about me and my family over time and through the blog posts to come! Talk soon!

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