Madie (left) & Lilly (right) Hobbs

Are you feeling unfulfilled spiritually, or maybe just with life in general? Welcome to our little corner of the world! You’re in the right place. We’re The Few, a Christian Ministry that helps unfulfilled individuals get serious about living for Jesus and make intentional life choices so they can impact their little corners of the world. We don’t shy away from the super difficult topics when it comes to Christianity, the American Church, and all the different things we face in life. If you are longing for more than whatever it is you are currently experiencing, we hope you will use this Blog as a weekly resource!

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We believe we were never meant to do life alone.

We’re Lilly & Madie Hobbs, and we started The Few because of our longing to get serious about being serious for Jesus. Will you join us?

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The story of Dunkirk has always inspired me, but I just recently discovered the power of this message that was sent. This message was so incredible because the army at…

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    1. Sharing with you and your youth group is something I will never forget, Ally! Keep making Jesus #1 girl. It’s the best thing you’ll ever do! 💛


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