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Some of you may already know this about me and some of you may not, but I have Type 1 Diabetes. I was diagnosed when I was five years old, so I’ve had it for 11 years now. You’d be surprised how many people make such crazy assumptions about me when I tell them that I have diabetes. So, I thought that it would be interesting (as well as funny) to share with you some of the assumptions that people make about diabetes that just simply are not true.

One of the most popular assumptions that people have is that I don’t eat and can’t eat anything that contains sugar. All of the other Type 1 diabetics out there can most definitely agree with me here.

Y’all, I would die if I couldn’t have chai tea lattes and Chick-Fil-A! The awkward part of this assumption is that I would have to basically explain to you the whole process of how I handle diabetes, so that you could understand that I can eat anything as long as I give myself insulin for the food. It’s easier to just let it go than correct people most of the time.

Another assumption is that diabetes is super easy to take care of and handle, but that most diabetics just don’t want to take of it and aren’t responsible. This is probably the assumption that drives me most crazy.

Do you know how extremely difficult it is to keep your blood sugar under 200 while not going low at the same time? Or when you do get low and have to deal with feeling weak, shaky, and like your about to have a hot flash? Have you ever had to change/insert two blood sugar device’s every three days before? The list could go on for eternity. Yes, it’s true that some diabetics do not take care of themselves and end up with a ton of problems. But to assume that all diabetics are like that is crazy. Especially to those of us who do try really hard.

The next assumption is made by many Christians specifically. The assumption is that I want to be healed, and could be healed, if I just had enough faith.

Very early on in my diabetes journey, I remember God telling me to be ok with it because diabetes was going to be one of the major ways He would use me to tell others about Him. Guys, diabetes is a huge part of my testimony. It’s not that I’m against healing or don’t believe that Jesus could heal me, it’s just that I’m drawn back to that time when He told be to just be ok with it because He had a purpose for it.

Of course there are times when I get annoyed with having to deal with it and manage it all the time. I mean, I don’t think that anybody really wants to have two needles in them all the time. But I can honestly say that’s my testimony, and I own it. Every alarm and 3:00am trip downstairs to get juice, I own it.

I was at a seminary a couple months ago helping train the students to share the Gospel, and there was a young lady in the class who was in a wheelchair. As we were discussing the best ways to share the Gospel with the class, she explained that because she is disabled, people often assume that she wants prayer for healing, when in reality what she really wants prayer for is the stress of school and family stuff.

She told the class that her and God had already dealt with her disability, and that she had learned to become content with it in order to glorify Him. That really spoke to me because I feel the same way with my diabetes.

We’ve wrestled through those things with God, and I truly believe that God will use sickness and diseases to bring others to know Him. Even though illness is a result of the fall, God can use it for His glory.

Genesis 50:20 says, “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today.”

Ok. Now that I’ve shared all of that with you, I want to point out the worst assumption that we could ever make about someone and it is this…

To assume that someone is saved and knows the Lord when they do not.

Of all the assumptions people make about diabetes or whatever else it may be, to assume that someone you know is saved when you don’t really know for sure is one of the worst things we could ever do as a Christian.

A lot of the time it’s because we trick ourselves into thinking that they are good to go because we love them and don’t want to think otherwise.

Please, please, don’t assume. Romans 10:13 says, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

They are not going to be good to go if you just keep on assuming and don’t tell them the great news that’s in Romans 10:13. Ask them their story. Have them explain to you what they believe. Trust me, that’s what I wish people would do when it comes to my diabetes instead of just assuming that they already know.

I promise you that there are unsaved people out there who wish that someone would actually share something real and legit with them, and then actually give them the chance to respond.

Don’t assume. Even if they go to church. Make sure.

“Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.” 2 Timothy 2:15


= Do you have an urgency to share your faith with others?

= Is there someone in your life whom you have assumed is saved but aren’t really sure? Will you ask them?

= What are you going to do differently?  

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  1. Lilly I am so proud of you that you have the courage to speak out like that and pretty much tell them whole world what you are going through everyday. I something like that was going on in my life I probably would not be able to share it like that. God calls on is to share our lives yet people hold everything in. I 100% agree that people need to stop assuming so much. I am honestly guilty of it. Sometimes it is hard but we need to own up to it. My grandma I not saved an it sucks but I have decided to get her to the place she needs to be. He health is getting worse by the day. Thanks to my best friend she helping me get her there. Trust me it is hard to talk to her like that. But I manage. Right now I am struggling because I can’t go over there. But I am trusting the Lord that he will give me the courage that I need to get through this tough time a lot of people are going through.

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  2. This is so good, Lilly! I love the ways you embrace the things God has for you even when they are not easy. This was a great way to communicate a Gospel truth! So thankful for your consistent heart for the Lord and teaching His Word!

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